Drone Delivery

Alamo Airborne is in the certification process for a 14 CFR Part 135, a license to operate an air carrier service.  This certification process will prove that we are capable of fulfilling the required responsibilities and will comply with 14 CFR in an appropriate and continuing manner.

Currently, we are making local deliveries utilizing our Part 107 certification. We are restricted to visual line of sight deliveries, and are limited to all the Part 107 regulations. These regulations preclude us from operating over crowds of people who are not directly participating in the drone operation, place maximum speed restrictions, have maximum altitude restrictions. There are potential trespass or nuisance liability over private properties, and we are restricted from crossing major highways.

Our customers are asking us to do so much more. Therefore, we are under the application process for a Part 135 certification, with which we will be able to operate beyond visual line of sight, and provide a robust delivery option to our community.

See below for our inaugural delivery mission!

 We were recently featured in Zacc Dukowitz’s UAV Coach article about Part 135 certification and the companies that are working towards certification.

Check back here regularly for updates to our status.